Upcoming Shows

7/15/2019 Providence, RI: LIVE at The News Cafe (With Countdown From Ten, Strip Mall, and People Eating Plastic)

7/24/2019 Providence, RI: LIVE at The Parlour (With Neapolitan, Wreath, and Chimp Jaw)

7/28/2019 Bethpage, Long Island, NY: LIVE at Mr. Beery’s (With CALLS, It Came From Space, and Jarvis Probes)

8/3/2019 Newport, RI: LIVE at Rusty’s Bar and Grille (With Sunsinger, A Truth Divides, and Tommy Ready)

Past Shows

6/28/2019 Providence, RI: The Morgana Phase Album Release at Fete (With The Stonewall Vessels, Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities, and Afterimage)

6/21/2019 Milford, MA: Delko Album Release Show LIVE at Central Tavern (With Grizzlies. and Crooks & Scourge)

6/5/2019 Pawtucket, RI: Acoustic Solo LIVE at The News Cafe (With Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Jenn Lombari, and BeatCo. ViaMental)

5/31/2019 Cambridge, MA: LIVE at Club Bohemia (With Broken Boats, Cook Bag, and Year of the Clam)

4/27/2019 Providence, RI: LIVE at The Parlour (ALBUM RELEASE PARTY, With Delko, No Post On Sunday, and Strip Mall)

2/16/2019 Providence, RI: LIVE at Dusk (With The Morgana Phase, Junro, Arc of the Sun, Professor Caffeine, and Firstbourne)

12/30/2018 Providence, RI: LIVE at Dusk (With Yikes!, Consider Yourself, Dhara, and Strip Mall)

12/20/2018 Providence, RI: LIVE at Alchemy (With If We Go At All, and Sunshine Riot)

11/30/2018 Pawtucket, RI: Live at The News Cafe

11/1/2018 LIVE at The News Cafe (with Great Gale, Purple Honey, and Neapolitan)

10/28/2018 LIVE at Askew (with Chestnut Grove)

10/18/2018 LIVE at The Parlour (with Delko, Stereoflower, and Seven Hats Parade)

9/8/2018 LIVE at Central Tavern (with Delko)

8/25/2018 LIVE at Nick-A-Nee's (with Nate Cozzolino, Amanda Salemi, and Jenn Lombari)

8/10/2018 LIVE at the News Cafe (with Sunday Drive, 123 Astronaut, and No Action)

8/2/2018 LIVE AT DUSK (with Wax On, the Sensitive Ferns and Stereoflower)

7/11/2018 LIVE at Askew (with Corey Chabot, Jared Knapik, and Max Clark)

6/17/2018 LIVE at Dusk (with People Eating Plastic, Spelling, and Sun Bears)

6/9/2018 LIVE at The Met (with Silica, Thai Chi Funk Squad, and Vanilla Function)

5/25/2018 LIVE at Fete Music Hall (with The Morgana Phase, No Recall, and Funeral Attire)

5/5/2018 LIVE at Alchemy (RIPUG Series with Breakwater Blues)

3/16/2018 LIVE at the News Cafe (with BOCHEK, 33 CAMDEM, and EXIT SIX)

12/16/2017 LIVE at the News Cafe (with Consider Yourself, Delko, and Matt Smith)

11/30/2017 LIVE at The Parlour (Locals Covering Locals 3)

10/24/2017 LIVE at Dusk (With Jake Wasson M.D. and Josiah Letchworth)

9/15/2017 LIVE at The News Cafe (With The Sugarcones and The Skinny Millionaires)

7/12/2017 LIVE at AS220 (With Al Diaz, Matt Gillooly, and Matt Smith)

7/6/2017 LIVE at The Parlour (With Eric Barao Band and Seatbelt)

6/9/2017 LIVE at The News Cafe (With Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Songs to Drive Cars, and Jake Wasson M.D.)

5/24/2017 LIVE at Dusk (With Matt Smith and Jim Beaver)

3/19/2017 LIVE at The News Cafe (With Jake Wasson M.D. and Mike O'Hehir)

3/1/2017 LIVE at AS220 (With Jim Beaver, Russ Connors, and Matt Smith)

2/2/2017 LIVE at The Parlour (With Nate Cozzolino, Red Ed & The Undead, Good Cop Bad Cop, David Begin

Josh Willis, and Adam Newell)

1/19/2017 LIVE at Firehouse 13 (With Daphne Lee Martin and Patrick Boutwell)

2/22/2016 LIVE at AS220 (With Max Orsini and Ben Guihan)